About EURead

In 2014, EURead adopted a formal legal structure in order to increase its influence and impact on reading for pleasure network of agencies operating within the reading field. EURead will be seeking new members to join the network and contribute to this important work.

Current Board Chair is Joerg F. Maas from Stiftung Lesen (German Reading Foundation) with Gerlien van Dalen (Reading Foundation Netherlands) and Diana Gerald (Booktrust UK) as Co-Chairs.

Already reaching 12 million families through our work, EURead members are committed to ensure access to reading for all, whether in print or digital media. We work with practitioners, educators and policy-makers to highlight best practices and effectively influence member governments, and ensure the sustainability of the member organisations and their activities.

EURead has already demonstrated European-wide action on reading and literacy:

  • Through the adoption of early childhood literacy programs such as “Bookstart” in many EURead countries
  • Through the exchange of family literacy programmes
  • Through the European-wide campaign “Reading Aloud, Reading Together” Year 2013.

Our aims over the next 3-5 years are

  • Build a programme-oriented network of agencies operating within the reading and literacy fields
  • Develop an evidence-based movement that is truly cross-sectoral
  • Ensure engagement at a country level across all European countries
  • Create and maintain a well-supported platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge to inform and influence policy makers
  • Contribute expertise and knowledge to governments and non-governmental initiatives in reading and literacy

 Membership Advantages

  1. Regular network meetings for key staff working in the reading and literacy field.
  2. Opportunities for other staff to exchange good practices and evaluation evidence on programmes and promotions.
  3. Informal peer support on how to develop effective government relations and unlock resources for reading development and promotion.
  4. Ability to contribute to developments in EURead and influence reading promotion at the European Level.

Becoming a member

To apply for membership of EURead, please use the contact us form on the website or contact Joerg F. Maas at, Gerlien van Dalen  at or Diana Gerald at