Small Book – Big Person (Poland)

The social campaign which reminds us of the benefits of reading together in a family from the first months of a child’s life. It was devised in connection with a nationwide campaign, as part of which young parents will receive unique “Reading Pack” in maternity wards.

We believe that “reading” starts from the cradle, before a child even begins to put letters together themselves. Well-chosen books develop their mind and emotions, shape linguistic competence, root them in culture, and stimulate their imagination.

The Reading Pack consists of:

  • a selection of poems for children entitled: ………’s first poems by celebrated Polish poets, beautifully illustrated by husband-and-wife team Ewa Kozyra-Pawlak and Paweł Pawlak.
  • brochure Connected by Books: the Role of Books in Children’s Lives aimed at parents and showing the incalculable role of reading in a child’s development.

Thanks to the Polish Book Institute, about 30,000 children receive “Reading Packs” in 360 hospitals all over Poland every month, which means that by June 2019, over half a million children will have received them. Moreover, in September 2018, we started a pilot action for 3-year-olds starting their preschool adventure. 100 000 Reading Packs were given to 3000 libraries from all over Poland which applied for the project.

September 2019, the third edition of the Book Institute’s campaign “Small Book – Big Person” was launched. As part of the campaign, every preschooler who comes to the library with their parent will receive an extraordinary book First Readings for… as a gift. We have prepared 300 thousand copies of the book, which are waiting for young readers in over 5200 libraries all over Poland.

In the package, children also receive the Little Reader’s Card. For each visit to the library, the Little Reader receives a sticker, and after collecting ten – a personal diploma. For parents and guardians we have prepared a brochure entitled Connected by a Book – a Preschooler Goes to the Library, which reminds about the invaluable role of reading in the development of children and the benefits of frequent visits to the library.

The Small Book – Big Person initiative was funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the National Programme of Reading Development.