Poetry Day – Dia da Poesia – Faça lá um Poema (Portugal)

Poetry Day is a festival designed to celebrate the World Poetry Day.

Different events take place at cultural centres: poets are invited to present their poems and interact with the public; actors read poems; children and adults join and read their favourite poems; different conferences on poetry take place; music performance, art exhibitions and videos of artists whose work relates to poetry are presented; children and adults are invited to join workshops on art and poetry; a poetry book fair is organised. The initiatives are broadcast and presented on television.


To celebrate this day the National Reading Plan holds a ccontest, “Faça lá um Poema” (Do write a Poem)

The National Reading Plan and the Belém Cultural Center Foundation (CCB), intend to encourage the love for reading and writing poetry, inviting the students of  elementary  and secondary education.

The public presentation of the selected poems took place in the Cultural Center of Belém, in the framework of the celebrations of the WORLD POETRY DAY, on March 24, 2018.

The  award-winning texts are read  in the CCB Reading Marathon.

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This project is run by National Reading Plan (Portugal).