PHILIPP The Reading Award (Austria)

In cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women’s Affairs and Hofer, the Buchklub searched for the best reading projects in the school year 2016 that make people read together: in pairs, in groups, in class, in school, but also in social networks, at home, in town or in the district.

Media and book packages as well as 4 PHILIPP Reading-Awards could be won.
All schools and other institutions (e.g. kindergartens, libraries, and municipalities) were invited to present their reading projects online at The projects had to start in the school year 2015/2016.
Closing date: April 1, 2016

Schools or other institutions could participate in one of the three categories:

Category 1: Elementary schools
Category 2: Lower secondary schools, levels I and II
Category 3: Extracurricular institutions (e.g. kindergartens, libraries, municipalities) as well as all reading partnership Projects

Project criteria
The projects were evaluated by a jury of experts according to the following criteria:

• Sustainability, shared reading experiences
• Improvement of reading motivation and reading skills
• Accommodating and encouraging children with reading difficulties
• Inclusion of children with a first language other than German
• Innovative project conception
• Reliable documentation and professional Evaluation

• Media packages: projects selected by the jury received a media and book package.
• Nine nominations: Three projects from each of the three categories were nominated and won valuable prizes.
• Four PHILIPP Reading-Awards: During the final event of the Reading-Award gala, the four awards were presented to one of the nominees in each category.

This project was run by Buchklub der Jugend (Austria).