Reading More – aLer+2027 (Portugal)

We are currently experiencing a change in reading attitudes, embodied in new ways of reading and new social and cultural practices of literacy, implying the reader in various collaborative processes of reading and writing, print and digital.

In this new context, the role of the school and libraries in the development of taste and reading competence is more fundamental than ever, making it imperative that reading permeates school culture and engages the community.

The aLer+ 2027 initiative, a partnership between the National Reading Plan 2017-2027 and the School Libraries Network, is intended to support schools that wish to develop and deepen a comprehensive reading environment, focused on improving understanding reading and reading pleasure, based on new strategies and practices that integrate the use of digital technologies, not only in formal contexts of learning, but also in other non-formal and informal contexts of reading socialization.

A new application of schools  for 2018-2020 is running.