Swiss Reading Aloud Day


The Swiss Reading Aloud Day is the largest campaign in Switzerland that promotes reading aloud to children and young people. The Swiss Institute for Children’s and Youth Media SIKJM launched the campaign in 2018 in cooperation with many partners. The Swiss Reading Aloud Day will take place every year on the forth Wednesday in May.

On the first Swiss Reading Aloud Day in 2018, nearly 5000 participated and read stories at home, in schools, in kindergartens, in museums, in family centers, in libraries and many other places such as boats, public pools, police stations or castles. The readers also included many celebrities and politicians, which helped to set an impressive example in favor of reading aloud. The first Swiss Reading Aloud Day reached with all its activities an estimated 45,000 children and teenagers. In 2019, the success of the campaign continued. In the second year, 7500 readers participated and an estimated 60,000 children and teenagers listened to stories.


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