Football Meets Culture (Germany)

With the combination of football training and remedial teaching as well as cultural events the project provides an opportunity for better social and communicative behaviour in a team, and arouses interest in education and culture among young people from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

The “Football meets” culture project runs for at least a whole school year. 24 children take part in two groups of 12 participants each. Twice a week the children have football training, followed by special lessons based on the children’s particular needs. The football training is carried out in cooperation with a well-known local football club. The special lessons are geared to the individual needs of those taking part, but the emphasis is usually on the facilitation of the German language. Football is often used as a topic, such as arithmetic exercises using football league tables, or reading football books. Once a month the children participate in a cultural event. This might be a visit to a museum, a rap poetry workshop or a rally-run through a library. Once a year all groups meet for the „Football Meets Culture“ tournament in which more than 450 participants compete against each other.

We run 26 „Football Meets Culture“ projects in 17 cities. Further projects are in the planning stage.

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“Football Meets Culture“ Tournament in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 10.06.2018 
© DFL Stiftung, Thorsten Wagner
“Football Meets Culture”, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 20.09.2017, Michael-Ende-Schule
© DFL Stiftung, Thorsten Wagner