Growing with the Book (Czech Republic)

The Growing with the Book campaign was launched in 2005 by Svět knihy as a response to research that showed a sharp fall in interest in book-reading among the young. The situation inspired us to search for a solution to the problems of illiteracy and its harmful effects on society as a whole.

The Growing with the Book campaign promotes a positive attitude to literature and books. It addresses young people (in particular those of preschool and school age) in new and interesting ways, with the aim of developing and deepening their literary education as well as improving and enriching their communication skills and their knowledge of culture in general. Its activities get parents and teachers involved on the one hand, and campaign partners, sponsors, publishers, librarians and institutions with an interest in promoting reading among children on the other. Its ambitions are to act as a guide to the world of books and to raise awareness of the important activities of a great variety of organizations in the Czech Republic.

The campaign uses a variety of various sources of publicity and information services, including:
> programmes in the media and spot advertisements
> video clips introducing well-known personalities and their relation to literature
> advertising materials that support reading
> competitions (some well established, others new)
> discussion programmes that educate as well as entertain
> seminars for adults on methodology
> creative workshops with writers and illustrators
> regular exhibitions focusing on children’s books
> events for children at BookWorld Prague, an annual book fair and literary festival.

The campaign’s interactive website

The Growing with the Book campaign also has an internet portal for children, parents and professionals. Using the animated figures Rosťa and Rostík, this portal helps event organisers, parents and – most importantly – children to find what they are looking for.

The website offers:
> Interviews with authors and illustrators
> Help choosing children’s books – including new releases, and recommended books that are listed by age suitability.
> Event listings – author readings, stage productions, film screenings, exhibitions, festivals, workshops, library activities

This project is run by Svět Knihy (Czech Republic).