Reader on the Stage (Czech Republic)

A new project prepared under the umbrella of the Growing with the Book campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to guide children to reading and working with text and to enable them to understand and interpret it. The Reader on Stage project intends to achieve these objectives through reading aloud. Reading aloud need not be understood as just reading. We might take it to mean a retelling of a story by a reader, in which a read story is presented in one’s own words using other means of expression, interpretation and theatre. Reading aloud can take the form of staged reading.

This inaugural year of the Reader on Stage project aims to attract drama groups, reading groups and other hobby groups that would like to try working with a book in the adaptation of its text for staged reading. The project intends to present to practitioners in subjects of literature and drama a different approach to dramatization that places an emphasis on literature and reading. According to this approach children do not need to learn the text of a production by heart; they may read aloud from a selected text, and this may be a pleasant change for them. Groups of all ages are free to apply. They may work with any passage from the titles recommended by the organizers or choose their own book or story. Each performance should be of 15-20 minutes’ duration.

Applicant groups will keep a record of preparations for their staged reading and send materials to the organizer of the project by no later than the end of November. Due to time constraints productions in progress can be submitted in any state of completion. Groups may send videos, photos and/or audio recordings that capture their work in progress.

The five most inspiring and interesting groups will be invited to a pre-Christmas get-together at which they will perform their work and have the opportunity to meet interesting figures from the world of theatre and win attractive prizes.
As a part of The Reader on the Stage project, the organizer also prepares a seminar on the use and adaptation of literature for staged reading “Reading aloud, Reading together”. The aim of the seminar is to familiarize teachers of literature and drama (and others) with staged reading as a form of theatrical expression through presentations by expert practitioners, workshops, discussion and practical demonstration.

The seminar will be held on Tuesday, 24 September 2013 at the Faculty of Theatre of the Academy of Performing in Arts in Prague (DAMU). Attendance is FREE OF CHARGE; anyone with an interest in the subject is welcome, although capacity is limited.

This project is run by Svět Knihy (Czech Republic).